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This course will focus on the culture of food in French arts, literature and media, examining its social and symbolic values through the centuries. Professional experience with a business/organization in which students enhance their language skills and cultural knowledge in French in relation to the practical goals/objectives of the entity. This interdisciplinary course will explore contemporary Francophone Africa and its representations in light of its modern history and culture. Culture, history, and geography of modern France through lectures, videos, audio recordings, digital media, and class discussions.

  • The result is something which is classic, timeless, yet also fresh and exciting.
  • The longest epilogue is another giant.
  • Culture, history, and geography of modern France through lectures, videos, audio recordings, digital media, and class discussions.
  • Open only to students in Montpellier, France.
  • Content varies by semester and instructor.

Attention to geographical and anthropological aspects of selected social and political situations. Study of business, technological, and cultural issues, tendencies and patterns of behavior among French-speaking people. Value systems and their manifestations. Open only to students in Montpellier, France. Introduction to French literature through the study of a selection of representative texts. Prepares students for the academics required at a French university.

Focus on appropriate use of strategies, business negotiation protocols, lexical precision. Incorporates grammar review. Part of the French intensive summer language program. Admission by application only. An introduction to the French language and culture of the French-speaking world.

Oral communication and composition on contemporary topics in and francophone cultures. Study of cultural texts, articles from the French press, and video documents. Intermediate conversation to expand speaking skills through vocabulary building, discussion of selected texts, and activities that produce conversation. Ongoing development of writing skills. French language and culture taught in France; supervised travel of cultural interest; living with local families; participation in the activities and courses of a French university or institute; written and oral reports, exams.

This song is extremely different from the rest, not being very slow and methodical, but rather quick the punch and extremely bizarre sounding from the start. This piano melody consists most of the middle of this piece, going up and down, crafting this aura of a strange mixture of joy and sadness, making for a beautiful but strange movement that weirdly warms my heart. It all just rises into this beautiful piece of music that then leads into the closing minutes of the song, being much like the first having this guitar lead movement that is very bizarre, but yet still so enchanting. Just how it lays itself down, creating this gripping sound that builds and builds into this weird mixture of music. This year, I have heard nothing short of amazing albums. Most progressive rock releases that came about have been amazing, with some albums quickly becoming some of my favorites from this year, with only 4 so far being what I consider masterpieces in their own right.

Yep, even better than Hellfire, Shiki, or Laminated Denim. The band has a democratic overall approach to playing, by which I mean that each musician is equally strong on their instruments but also always ready to give space for others. Many bands especially at the early stage of their careers are guilty of showing off too much and loading each track full in the same way, resulting as an evenly thick and undynamic album. Fren avoided this already on their debut. Here we have an eclectic prog band who are taking many influences from the Seventies and even late Sixties and then bringing them right up to date.


On July 22nd, 2016, YouTuber BaggyAndMaskyFTW uploaded audio of the band Twenty One Pilots performing the song “Coconut Sharks In The Water” with the word “fren” displayed with the lyrics of the song on top of a picture of the Left Shark . Preparation of a professional portfolio connecting experiences and coursework in the MS program towards career preparation. This course examines the relationship between Word and Image (including cinema/ film adaptations, photography, hypertext, graphic design, and diverse artistic genres). Provides the special instruction required under special programs. Introduction to major French philosophical texts with an emphasis on post-WWI thinkers (includes Existentialism, Structuralism, Post-Structuralism, Postmodernism, Deconstructionism). Exploration of the literature of the Francophone world.

Back to what I’d like to mention here … “All The Pretty Days” was released in October 2022 as the second full-length album by a Polish progressive wonder FREN. An important point is that this creation has considerable appeal as they play quite sincerely and honestly with their incomparable instrumental technique and wonderful creativity. In the beautiful sleeve pic are a dark atmosphere and hopeful moonshine in front of a fairy. Even under such a tough situation all over the world, they would say we MUST live and love powerfully.The first track “Hammill” filled with a pretty classical texture and deep life energy can ease our mind.

This course will explore contemporary French art in the historical, economic and cultural contexts of production and reception. This course offers an in-depth look at the history, industry, and scope of French cinema through the myth of Paris in films. Two-week seminar in France highlighting business and technology. Field study of technology firms, economic trends, business institutions, and cultural protocols. Journals and papers assigned. Examines social, cultural, artistic and environmental dimensions of sustainability and concepts of identity, diversity, social equity and inclusion/exclusion in the French context.

Permits a group of students and a professor to pursue areas of the French language not covered in other courses in the department. In-depth study of advanced grammar patterns as used in written expressions. This course will prepare students for the techniques of rapid reading in French, and give them tools to translate and use texts. This course will introduce students to issues in contemporary France. Exploration of currents in modern prose, poetry, and drama.


Primarily for graduate students; advanced undergraduates may enroll with permission of the instructor. Recommended preparation for French majors and minors, FREN 300 and one of FREN 255, 260, or 262; for all other students, CMPL 143. Themes, periods, and movements in the history of French cinema. The course may cover early cinema, silent film, poetic realism of the 1930s, postwar cinema, the French New Wave, or late twentieth- and early twenty-first century cinema. Taught in English or French.

On October 18th, 2018, a post titled “Me🐕irl” was submitted to /r/me_irl, featuring an Evolution Can You Give Me Wings image macro of a wolf evolving into a dog and saying “fren time” . Within five months, the post gathered upwards of 10,900 points (79% upvoted) and 120 comments. There are obviously specific signs for many words available in sign language that are more appropriate for daily usage. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word fren.

Short papers treating assigned topics to enhance writing skills. Culture, history, and geography of modern France through lectures, videos, downloads from the Internet, audio recordings, digital media, and class discussions. French language for reading. For students with no background in French or those needing a review of grammatical structures and vocabulary in preparation for the reading knowledge exam for graduate degrees . Evolution of francophone literature from a literary and cultural perspective .


Individual supervision of readings or assigned projects, selected for each student individually; written and oral reports. Representative works of French and Francophone novels, plays, poetry and essays reflecting the societies and cultural experience of French-speaking people in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries; conducted in French. Representative works of French poetry, theater, essays and novels in the historical, cultural and political context of French society from the Middle Ages through the 18th century; conducted in French. Selected topics in an identified area of French. Beginning French II. Continuation of FREN 101. MS Paint comics featuring the character Dolan frequently use the term “fren” among other intentionally misspelled words .

Recommended preparation, FREN 255, 260, or 262. Intensive grammar review and composition to improve accuracy and develop writing skills, using process and task-oriented approaches. Formerly offered as FREN 286. Accelerated course that covers FREN 101 and 102 for students with previous study of French. Aural comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.

In other languages

Specific topics to be announced in advance by the instructor. Previously offered as What is FREN 380. Exploration of cultures, arts, theories, politics, and histories of resistance in France and the French-speaking world from 1789 to the present. May be repeated for credit; may be repeated in the same term for different topics; 4 total credits. This course examines the evolution of the French healthcare system from its creation to today and the depiction of illnesses as well as healthcare workers in contemporary culture. Current issues related to health, illnesses, and healthcare in France and the Francophone World will be discussed.

It is incredibly melodic and a really easy album to listen to and enjoy the first time of playing. There are many deft nuances and touches, and it certainly never comes across as a debut release but instead feels far more like an album from seasoned professionals. This is thoroughly enjoyable and definitely worth of investigation. Coming from Krakow, Poland, FREN is an Eclectic Prog band that began in 2017 and was founded by Oskar CENKIER , Michal CHALOTA , Andrew SHAMANOV , and Oleksii FEDORIV . They released their debut album “Where Do You Want Ghosts to Reside?”.

There are classic keyboard sounds, including of course a mellotron, yet the guitar is far more modern, as is the bass, while the drums are often more rooted in jazz style. The result is something which is classic, timeless, yet also fresh and exciting. But then over all of that is a rock guitar which is far more modern, both in sound and in style, and it is the combination of modern playing combined with traditional which really makes this stand out. B+/4.5 stars; a near-masterpiece of refreshing jazz- and classically-tinged instrumental progressive rock. Definitely a band to watch for future development. Refinement of accuracy and flexibility in oral/written expression.


Students participating in UNC-led study abroad programs develop activities to supplement instruction in on-campus courses. Supervised by the on-campus instructor, students file reports on the sites, language, and culture of the country in which they are studying. Permission of the instructor and the instructor’s department. The shortest song on here, Bajka, being only three minutes, still 100% delivers on the expectations set with the previous three songs, and not only meets those expectations but raises the bar even higher. Integrates cross-cultural research and reflection into discussion of current issues in the French-speaking world.

FREN top albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

Anglo-American counterparts and adaptations of the French theorists in the United States will also be treated. Prerequisite, FREN 255, 260, or 262; permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite. Prerequisites, FREN 300, and one additional course above FREN 330; permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisites.

Formed in 2017 by Oskar Cenkier , Michał Chalota , Andrew Shamanov and Oleksii Fedoriv , this is their debut album, and one which has been receiving fairly unanimous praise from those who have heard it. The titled track involves elemental variation and diversity. In the former part dissected bass plays are very impressive. Repetitive sticky melody lines sound like our pain under the pandemic and during-the-war circumstance.

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